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HEMP Shooter Series 6mm. 5mm, 4mm

HEMP Shooter Series 6mm. 5mm, 4mm

Like Whip? Like a crisp feel off your shot?  We tried something different and vegan.  It started with the 6mm HEMP shooter We put one in just for kicks and HOLY COW!!!  The crispest feel snap we've ever felt. We've expanded to include a 5mm and a 4mm cord.  Whats the difference?


  • 6mm is a bit stiffer and gives a crispy feel with a bit of snap
  • 5mm is slightly different in color and a little softer than the 6mm, if you like a softer release.
  • 4mm is very similar to a synthetic shooter cord, just the right diameter to give you that feel you want.


Why hemp?  Why not??  Hemp is 100% natural, water resistant (so it won't sag or mash up like a cotton lace shooter), its strong and retains its shape but is flexible and easy to work with.  When you're finally done with it, its biodegradeable.  We suggest using only 1 of the 6mm as a top shooter, but that's us, the picture shows the 6mm on top with a smaller 4mm on the bottom.


Each shooter is approx. 31" long. 


$5 donation for a shooter pack (1 of each)


A portion of your donation may be tax deductible; please consult with your tax professional.  Lax Traders Inc. does not provide tax advice.

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